• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



National Review: Bologna: Birthplace of the University


The modern university could use some intellectual nourishment, Bolognese-style.

National Review: Pliny’s Problem with Christianity — and Ours


The Christians who confounded Pliny, who faced death rather than bow to the idols of their age, embraced a profound imperative from their Teacher and Lord.

National Review: 1776: A Lockean Revolution


This English philosopher had a hand in two of the greatest political revolutions for human freedom in world history. That’s a legacy worth recalling this July 4.

National Review: Anti-Semitism Is an Attack on American Principles


America and Jews owe each other a great debt. An attack on one is an attack on both.

National Review: How C. S. Lewis Accepted Christianity


His friend J. R. R. Tolkien provided a compelling, ingenious argument, one worth remembering this Easter Sunday.

National Review: An American Defense of Britain’s Constitutional Monarchy


The royal family is not simply an important part of British culture. It represents a valuable political inheritance, one to which Americans owe a great deal.

National Review: Churchill’s Prophetic Warning: ‘An Iron Curtain Has Descended’


Seventy-five years ago, Churchill dared to imagine the end of the Cold War, before it even began.

National Review: For the Love of Country, Pull Back from the Brink


The future of conservatism, and the nation, depends on coming together and restoring faith in the American story.

The Federalist: How the Suffering of World Wars Seeded the Creativity of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis


“If they won’t write the kinds of books we want to read,” Lewis announced to Tolkien, “we shall have to write them ourselves.”

National Review: Reagan’s Fight for American Renewal, Revisited


The Gipper’s first inaugural address revived the concept of American exceptionalism, while stressing national unity.