• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



National Review: The Totalitarian Temptation Remains


Mussolini understood something about the human need to worship.

The National Interest: Is This America’s Mussolini Moment?


Whatever the ultimate fate of Trumpism, America’s Mussolini moment is far from over.

Law & Liberty: A Forgotten Champion of Religious Liberty


Dirck Coornhert’s 1582 Synod on the Freedom of Conscience speaks to our polarized age.

The National Interest: Toleration, Liberalism, and Lessons for a Fractured America


The bitter sectarianism that enveloped sixteenth-century Europe offers a warning about the tribalism that now darkens American public life.

National Review: One Hundred Years Ago, ‘Following the Science’ Meant Supporting Eugenics


How G. K. Chesterton stood against an evil that was once frighteningly mainstream.

Wall Street Journal: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lesson About Evil for Our Time


As Gildor the elf told the Shire in ‘The Lord of the Rings’: ‘The wide world is all about you . . . you cannot forever fence it out.’

National Review: Russia and Realism, American-Style


The shadow of Russian barbarism has returned — and the impulse toward isolationism will not drive it out.

National Review: When Ronald Reagan Sent the Soviet Union to the Ash Heap of History


Remembering the timeless wisdom of President Reagan’s Westminster speech, 40 years ago today.

National Review: Locke’s Radical Claims for Conscience


Perhaps the most undervalued quality of a great mind or, at least, an awakened mind is the willingness to abandon cherished ideas that cannot stand up to new evidence. English philosopher John Locke possessed such a mind.

National Review: Putin’s Bloody Leviathan


The Russian autocrat’s dark and violent vision of state power is not without precedent — but neither is the Lockean answer to it.