• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



National Review: For Wisdom about the Jews and Civilization, Consult Albert Einstein


Ninety years ago, one of the greatest minds in history defended the Western heritage and explained how Jews contributed to it.

Law & Liberty: A New Beachhead for Western Civilization


At New College, students are again learning to value and perpetuate the Western tradition.

National Review: The Decline of the King’s College Reflects Western Civilizational Decay


Even conservatives and Christians are failing to appreciate the importance of cultural transmission.

National Review: A Decades-Old Warning for Evangelical Christians Is More Relevant Than Ever


Carl Henry’s message to the Evangelicals of his day is one they should heed in ours, else they will cease to be relevant.

National Review: The Gospel According to Locke


The life and teachings of Jesus were his lodestar.

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Mussolini understood something about the human need to worship.

The National Interest: Is This America’s Mussolini Moment?


Whatever the ultimate fate of Trumpism, America’s Mussolini moment is far from over.

Law & Liberty: A Forgotten Champion of Religious Liberty


Dirck Coornhert’s 1582 Synod on the Freedom of Conscience speaks to our polarized age.

The National Interest: Toleration, Liberalism, and Lessons for a Fractured America


The bitter sectarianism that enveloped sixteenth-century Europe offers a warning about the tribalism that now darkens American public life.

National Review: One Hundred Years Ago, ‘Following the Science’ Meant Supporting Eugenics


How G. K. Chesterton stood against an evil that was once frighteningly mainstream.