• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



National Review: Resisting the Leviathan: The Mayflower Compact


The Mayflower Compact, signed 400 years ago this week, helped lay a foundation for America’s commitment to government by consent of the governed.

Law and Liberty: The Rule of Law vs. the Militias


After more than 230 years of living with success under the same constitution, few Americans have any inclination for authoritarian government, coming from either the Right or the Left.

National Review: John Locke and the Fight over Judge Barrett’s Catholicism


What the Supreme Court nominee’s critics and defenders alike get wrong about the role of faith in American public life.

National Review: Churchill, the Blitz, and Moral Leadership


It is impossible to imagine the citizens of London standing firm during their supreme hour of crisis without Winston Churchill in the center of the storm.

National Review: Truth Is a Casualty in Our Culture War


Recall the thinkers who helped to build our liberal democratic order. They were motivated by the free exchange of ideas in the pursuit of truth.

National Review: What Hong Kong Can Teach the West


While the ideals on which our civilization was built are being trashed at home, pro-democracy protesters against the Chinese Communist Party fight for them.

National Review: What Winston Churchill Understood about America


‘The third great title-deed’ of freedom, he called it. American exceptionalism drew its moral strength from British exceptionalism.

National Review: Classical Liberals vs. National Conservatives in the Age of Coronavirus


The government’s response to the pandemic should give conservative advocates of a more powerful state pause.

The Hill: Pandemics and the survival of the fittest


Today, in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, the dominant theme is saving lives, regardless of the economic cost.

National Review: The Queen’s Speech


Pity the heart that could not be moved and lifted by it.