• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



CNN: Pope Changes Death Penalty Doctrine


Last night I joined CNN’s SE Cupp to discuss Pope Francis’s new doctrine on the death penalty.

Weekly Standard: Chinese intimidation comes to Benedict Rogers’s mailbox


The British human rights advocate has worked to hold China accountable as the regime reaches “well beyond its borders to silence critics,” he says.

Weekly Standard: Religion and the Renaissance


Reflecting on the prominence of the art.

The Hill: When human rights are abused from all sides


“Propaganda about human rights abounds. Only statesmen with moral clarity can cut through the fog.”

The Hill: On D-Day’s anniversary, Eisenhower reminds us of just war in action


Historians tend to disregard Eisenhower’s religious beliefs as political posturing but the truth is much deeper.

National Review: Trump, North Korea, and the Reagan Doctrine


Human rights must be at the center of negotiations with North Korea.

National Review: C. S. Lewis and the Great War


A hundred years ago, Lewis was an atheist in the trenches of a terrible war.

CNN: Pope Francis Losing Favor Among American Catholics


Is Pope Francis too liberal for U.S. conservatives?

Weekly Standard: In Praise of Folly


What a 16th-century blockbuster teaches us about leadership in the age of Trump.

BBC RADIO: President Trump, One Year On


In this week of the first anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, a panel of American commentators reunite to talk about the reality, and in particular about the religious elements at play.