• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



Wall Street Journal: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lesson About Evil for Our Time


As Gildor the elf told the Shire in ‘The Lord of the Rings’: ‘The wide world is all about you . . . you cannot forever fence it out.’

National Review: Russia and Realism, American-Style


The shadow of Russian barbarism has returned — and the impulse toward isolationism will not drive it out.

National Review: When Ronald Reagan Sent the Soviet Union to the Ash Heap of History


Remembering the timeless wisdom of President Reagan’s Westminster speech, 40 years ago today.

National Review: Locke’s Radical Claims for Conscience


Perhaps the most undervalued quality of a great mind or, at least, an awakened mind is the willingness to abandon cherished ideas that cannot stand up to new evidence. English philosopher John Locke possessed such a mind.

National Review: Putin’s Bloody Leviathan


The Russian autocrat’s dark and violent vision of state power is not without precedent — but neither is the Lockean answer to it.

RealClearHistory: Realism, Religion, and the Republic


When George Washington sought to warn Americans about the most fearsome threats to their liberty, he did not cast his eyes toward Europe, where nations were waiting, like vultures, to pounce upon the carcass of a failed experiment in self-government.

Wall Street Journal: Christendom’s Greatest Satirist


In Martin Luther’s age, Erasmus tried to bridge the Catholic-Protestant divide.

National Review: Gorbachev’s Christmas Farewell to the Soviet Union


The Soviet Union’s revolutionary experiment in Marxism-Leninism was launched, at least in part, as an assault on the beliefs and ideals of biblical religion.

National Review: A Brief History of Individual Rights


The long road from Athens to America.

National Review: What the Left and the Right Get Wrong about Liberalism


America owes much to Christianity. Liberalism arose as a Christian response to the failures of Christendom.