• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



Wall Street Journal: How Martin Luther Advanced Freedom


The Reformation brought a radical egalitarianism to Christendom.

National Geographic: Martin Luther and the Long March to Freedom of Conscience


The father of the Protestant Reformation was a flawed prophet, but his voice was vital in the struggle for religious liberty.

Congressional Quarterly: Future of the Christian Right


Are evangelicals losing their political clout?

National Interest: Christian History Shows Why an Islamic Reformation Is Harder Than It Sounds


Theological reform is one thing. A new concept of politics is another.

Christianity Today: Why Reinhold Niebuhr Still Haunts American Politics


This article was originally posted at Christianity Today. A couple weeks before President Trump fired James Comey, we learned that the then-FBI director was an admirer of 20th century theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. Thanks to sleuthing by Gizmodo, we learned that Comey’s Twitter display name was named after the father of Christian realism and that he had […]

National Review: Syria, War Crimes, and the National Interest


This article was originally posted at National Review. President Donald Trump’s decision last week to order airstrikes to punish Syria for a chemical-weapons attack that killed and injured scores of civilians has exposed conservatism’s intellectual confusion about U.S. foreign policy. Perhaps the most troubling thing about this debate is the deficit of historical perspective – a […]

Providence: The Great War & the Dawn of the American Century


This article was originally posted at Providence. By the spring of 1917, the most advanced nations on earth had spent nearly three agonizing years destroying themselves in a frenzy of blood-letting never seen within the boundaries of Europe. The United States watched, with bewilderment and anxiety, as a “Great War” among the European states broke out […]

Weekly Standard: C.S. Lewis and the Hound of Heaven


This article was originally posted at The Weekly Standard. A new one-man play about one man’s spiritual pilgrimage, C.S. Lewis on Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert, opens with a riff against a cruel, indifferent, and seemingly meaningless universe reminiscent of a Woody Allen monologue. “And what is ‘life’?” the protagonist asks in defending his youthful atheism. […]

Providence: Lessons from FDR’s Russia Policy


This article was originally posted at Providence. In his address to Congress this week, President Trump noticeably declined to mention his Byzantine relationship with Russia. The president defends his friendly posture toward Russia—including his campaign’s high-level contacts with Moscow, his praise of Vladimir Putin, and his selection of a Secretary of State with close business ties […]

Providence: Executive Orders, Nativism, and National Security


This article was originally posted at Providence. Warning about a rising tide of xenophobia, the American Civil Liberties Union assailed the White House’s most recent executive order as “the greatest deprivation of civil liberties in this country since slavery.” The administration that the ACLU had in its sights, however, was not that of Donald J. Trump. […]