• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war


2012 July

Aurora Shooting: Faith and Evil


Watch the video!

Christianity Today Review of “The Searchers”: The God Who Is (and Isn’t) There


John Wilson of Christianity Today reviews The Searchers. Find a preview of the article here.

CNN Belief Blog: Penn State’s Dark Fellowship


The results of the investigation into the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University, released last week, suggest a crisis of conscience in the academy.

MSNBC Interview: “The Searchers”


I joined a new program called “The Cycle,” co-hosted by S.E. Cupp on MSNBC.

La Stampa: No Illusions About Morsi’s Election, A Democratic Revolution Is a Long Way Off


Mohamed Morsi, an Islamist and former leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, is promising to be “a president for all Egyptians.”

Q Ideas for the Common Good: Our Inconsolable Secret


Just before historian Philip Hallie discovered the story of Chambonnais—the French villagers who rescued thousands of Jews during the Second World War—he was in a state of deep depression.

Standpoint: Academic Ideals


When Plato established his Academy in Athens in 387 BC, he laid a foundation for education in the West that regarded knowledge as inseparable from character.