• A Hobbit a Wardrobe and a Great war



Weekly Standard: Tolkien, Lewis, and the Lessons of World War I


How J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis defied the spirit of the age.

Wall Street Journal: What World War I taught the Clergy


‘A terrified and angry pacifism,’ C.S. Lewis wrote, ‘is one of the roads that lead to war.’

National Review: The Maker of Middle-earth, in Gorgeous Detail


A traveling exhibit displays the most thorough collection in years of Tolkien’s wide-ranging creative gifts.

CNN: Pope Changes Death Penalty Doctrine


Last night I joined CNN’s SE Cupp to discuss Pope Francis’s new doctrine on the death penalty.

Weekly Standard: Chinese intimidation comes to Benedict Rogers’s mailbox


The British human rights advocate has worked to hold China accountable as the regime reaches “well beyond its borders to silence critics,” he says.

Weekly Standard: Religion and the Renaissance


Reflecting on the prominence of the art.

The Hill: When human rights are abused from all sides


“Propaganda about human rights abounds. Only statesmen with moral clarity can cut through the fog.”

The Hill: On D-Day’s anniversary, Eisenhower reminds us of just war in action


Historians tend to disregard Eisenhower’s religious beliefs as political posturing but the truth is much deeper.

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Human rights must be at the center of negotiations with North Korea.

National Review: C. S. Lewis and the Great War


A hundred years ago, Lewis was an atheist in the trenches of a terrible war.